Making the future safer for our children

22nd October 2019



Exploring the national response following the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse recommendations.


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An invitation from Commissioner Fitzgerald AM

Our Speakers

Highlights from the Safe Children Conference 2018

Safe Children Conference 2018 Highlights

Former Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald

Commissioner Fitzgerald AM

Commissioner Fitzgerald speaking on the content of the final report to the government on the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse.

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Julie Inman-Grant


e-Safety Commissioner.

Julie Inman - Grant has extensive experience in the non-profit and government sectors, and spent two decades working in senior public policy and safety roles in the tech industry at Microsoft, Twitter, and most recently Adobe.

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Dr Kieran Le Plastrier

Dr Le Plastrier completed medical school as a surgical trainee, before discovering his passion for psychiatry. He served as president of the hospital residents’ society from 2007 to 2008.

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Dr Reina Michaelson

CAPS Parenting Program Coordinator


Hillary Milton Psychologist

Hillary is the Safe Children, Safe Families Newcastle Program worker and staff trainer

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Mr Jeff Taylor

Jeff is the GM of CAPS

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Janet Schorer, NSW Children's Guardian

Janet Schorer was Executive Director of the NDIS Reform Group for the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet from November 2014, and led the Commonwealth negotiations and transition to the NDIS across NSW Government.

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Steve Kidmond

Steve Kinmond

Mr Kinmond has been the NSW Community & Disability Services Commissioner and Deputy Ombudsman for 13 years. Prior to this, he was the Assistant Ombudsman (Police) for eight years.

Det Inspector Peter Yeomans

Detective Chief

Inspector, Peter Yeomans

Current Child Abuse Squad Commander and Detective Chief Inspector Peter Yeomans hopes speaking publicly will encourage more child abuse victims to come forward.

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Detective Sergeant Rachel Fawcett

Detective Sergeant Rachel Fawcett

Rachel joined in 1992 for initial training. She was stationed at Campbelltown and in the Macarthur area until 2001 working in General Duties, Special Operations, Anti Theft then Plain Clothes in 1997. She went to Crime Agencies in Strawberry Hills in 2001, initially with Robbery Squad then into the child abuse area as an investigator in 2004.

The Commission has made its recommendations.
What is our response?

A number of organisations have been proactive in making changes to their areas of influence in the community.  As the changes have wide spread consequences we all need to consider how we proactively work towards a community that give every child a chance to be safe.


This important event is proudly brought to you by the Child Abuse Prevention Service and these very important sponsors.  Thanks to their generosity this important conference can foster change in industries and communities to increase the future safety of our children. 



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Child Abuse Prevention Service


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Redress Scheme

Implications for Institutions

Implications for Institutions


The Royal Commission’s report and recommendations will have far reaching implications across multiple sectors in our society, with direct implications for any agency working with children or indirect contact with children including education, sports, foster care, employment, policing, legal, and insurance. 

In addition to many recommendations, the implementation and operation of the Commonwealth Redress Scheme, a key aspect of a comprehensive response by Governments to the Commission, have implications directly impact on any agency funded by State or Federal governments. 

This professional development event will be the first chance services, agencies, professionals, psychologists / social workers, legal, medical and other services workers will have to hear directly from Commissioner Fitzgerald after the delivery of the Commission to Parliament in Late 2017