Safe Children
Conference 2019 |
Making the future safer for our children

22nd October 2019, Sydney


Exploring the national response following the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse recommendations.

One year on, what has been done?


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What to expect |
Safe Children Conference 2019

Safe Children Conference 2019 is hosted by CAPS a non-religious, non-political, non-government benevolent organisation. Since 1973 CAPS provides evidence based education and support services in Australia that build connections in communities, so children can feel safe, supported and loved.

One year on from the first Safe Children Conference, we further explore the national response following the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse recommendations. Join hundreds of Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors, Youth Workers, School Teachers, Psychiatrists, anyone who works with children and sees a child safe environment as a priority. 

Insightful | Through Understanding

Understanding and adapting to the frameworks and strategies identified in the Royal Commission Report, the conference will provide the most updated frameworks. 

Action | Reform & Change

Reform Progresses and a pathway to real change continues across organisations working with children, the conference will arm delegates to propel this change forward. 

Prevention | Safety

The future safety of Australian children through best practice in the structure and management of institutions, the conference will provide an array of best practices for all delegates. 

Treatment | How to Intervene

Identifying the ideal treatment for a child is key for recovery, the conference will carefully guide delegates through intervention scenario's and treatments. This treatment aspect is not restricted to institutions who work with children, we invite Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors, Youth Workers, School Counsellors, Psychiatrists and more. 

Highlights from the Safe Children Conference 2018

An invitation from Commissioner Fitzgerald AM

The Commission has made its recommendations.
What is our response?

A number of organisations have been proactive in making changes to their areas of influence in the community.  As the changes have wide spread consequences we all need to consider how we proactively work towards a community that give every child a chance to be safe.


This important event is proudly brought to you by the Child Abuse Prevention Service and these very important sponsors.  Thanks to their generosity this important conference can foster change in industries and communities to increase the future safety of our children. 



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Child Abuse Prevention Service


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Redress Scheme

Implications for Institutions

Implications for Institutions


The Royal Commission’s report and recommendations will have far reaching implications across multiple sectors in our society, with direct implications for any agency working with children or indirect contact with children including education, sports, foster care, employment, policing, legal, and insurance. 

In addition to many recommendations, the implementation and operation of the Commonwealth Redress Scheme, a key aspect of a comprehensive response by Governments to the Commission, have implications directly impact on any agency funded by State or Federal governments. 

This professional development event will be the first chance services, agencies, professionals, psychologists / social workers, legal, medical and other services workers will have to hear directly from Commissioner Fitzgerald after the delivery of the Commission to Parliament in Late 2017