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Who Attends?

The proceeds of this event go to the Child Abuse Prevention Service. This organisation has dedicated 46 years of its life to the Prevention of Child Abuse. 

There are a number of different Sponsorship opportunities to present your company and take a place in this important time.  We all have a responsibility and an opportunity to make critical changes for businesses involved in children as well as helping heal the damage of the past. 

This is a high profile topic and speakers include representatives from a variety of organisations who shape and influence Australian child safety, speakers include Janet Schorer: NSW Children's Guardian, Kathryn Mandla Head: National Office for Child Safety, Jane French: Executive Director of Child Wise, Dr Kieran Le Plastrier: MBBS (Hons) MP PhD FACHI, Psychiatry SMO, Researcher, GP (trainee), Emma Gierschick, Children of Disability Australia and more.

2019 Sponsorship Packages

The sponsorship packages below are an example of the deliverables available, please contact us to discuss your requirements, packages are not limited to the below deliverables.

Why Support & Sponsor?

  • Support organisations providing services to children everyday, especially those who deliver services voluntarily

  • Support a child safety culture in all organisations providing services to children

  • Join the community who want to see change and prevent abuse within Australia

  • Enable individuals who work or volunteer for organisations that deliver services to children to attend the event as sponsorship includes tickets for attendees

  • Partner with the Children Abuse Prevention Service - remaining proceeds from this event will fund ongoing programmes

  • Build positive associations for your brand, this cause continues to receive nationwide coverage

  • Boost employee morale, employees who are carers, guardians or parents and utilise organisations that deliver services to children will see the direct impact of sponsorship

  • Fulfill corporate social responsibility objectives

The Safe Children Conference aims to bring together thought leaders and drivers of change. The Royal Commission’s recommendations have broad reaching consequences for many industries including:

  • Doctors, Medical Professionals, Hospitals,

  • The Legal Profession

  • Religious Institutions

  • Sporting Associations, Organisations and Clubs

  • Schools, Universities, Preschools, Training Organisations

  • Community Groups

  • Government Organisations who work with Children

  • Military, The Police Force and

  • Employers.

Influential member bodies and organisations are invited to attend and the audience of 500 will hear how change is taking place in the areas of:

  • Changes to the way evidence is accepted from minors,

  • Procedural changes within organisations

  • The ramifications for Doctors, Psychologist and Psychiatrists

  • The Redress scheme and

  • Prevention.

Contact Greg Waghorn T:  02 8060 8398 or 0433 210 377


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