Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPS)

In 1973 CAPS was the first organisation in the country dedicated to the prevention of Child Abuse. We have continued that legacy and maintain our focus around providing connection, education and support for those in need within our community, especially around the prevention of child abuse in all its forms.

CAPS mission empowers families to thrive through inter-generational change, by connecting families, enhancing child wellbeing and resilience.

To provide you with a brief of CAPS services:

1.       Flagship program – Award winning Safe Children, Safe .Families Preschool/childcare protective behaviours program supporting Children (3 to 5 year old) Their Parents and the early year’s educators in five sessions evidence based program.

a.       Improves Child and family Safety – protective factors

b.      Improves Emotional Maturity and Social Competence – prepares children for formal schooling

c.       Reduces bullying behaviours

d.      Improves childrens empathy for others

e.      Reduces child abuse (all forms)

f.        Specifically developed for children with special needs

2.       Thriving Families Project – Therapeutic intervention for families from Pregnancy through the first 3 years of life. Targets reactive behaviours, DFV and abuse of children, including parents with AOD and mental health challenges.  Helping parents identify their struggles and ways to improve their and their children’s life.

a.       Addresses parental trauma and distress (underlying causes)

b.      Improves parent child bonding and sensitive parenting

c.       Reduces parents reactivity to each other and their children, addresses parents own history of DFV and childhood trauma

d.      Improves self-confidence and relationships

e.      Empowers family members and diminishes Perpetrator-Victim cycles.

3.       We provide community education and organisational education seminars about all types of abuse /behaviours that impact on children, and families, such as;

a.       Family Well-being workshops – Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) focus – healthy functioning

b.      DFV and Sexual abuse workshop – professionals awareness and support

c.       Sexualised behaviours of children

d.      Protective behaviours education

4.       Parenting programs

a.       Circle of  Security

b.      Triple P

c.       Tuning into Kids

d.      Keeping Children Safe

5.       Community therapeutic Supported playgroup for parents with children under 5 years

a.       Social interactions

b.      Parenting skills

c.       Parent - child attachment enhancement